Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Popular African American Designer: Tracy Reese

African American female fashion designers that are recognized are few.  But then I mean "recognized" in terms of nationally.  There are many talented African American fashion designers that haven't made the "big time" as yet, but are very popular among their circles.  My research for recognized designers thus far has brought me to Tracy Reese, one of the top Black designers as well as one of the top American designers.

Tracy Reese was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1964.  She grew up in a family of women who loved to sew.  Tracy studied fashion at Parsons, and upon graduating, worked for Sitbon, Perry Ellis and Magaschoni.  In 1995 she had the opportunity to start her own clothing line, and in 2006 Tracy opened her first flagship store.  Tracy is still creating fantastic designs today. Tracy's website is
by Tracy Reese (2007)

by Tracy Reese (2009)

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