Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wow, I'd Like One - Sweet Blouses

I was doing research to see what was selling and what wasn't.  As people aren't buying as much as they used to, I was curious to find out what was selling the most as opposed to the least.  I'm not finished as yet, but while I was on, I saw some beautiful ladies blouses.

Colorful, innovative, very feminine.  Eye-candy.

Silk Geometer Tunic Blouse, Anthropologie,
Lil Surprise Soiree Top, Anthropologie,    

Grey Cone Twist Tank, Anthropologie,
C. Keer It's a Cinch Top, Anthropologie,
These blouses are Anthropologie blouses, but you can purchase them for a lower price on eBay.  Anthropologie's website is  Those of you with an eye for original women's tops, dresses and skirts and can afford the price, enjoy.  The rest of us can check out eBay for sale prices on Anthropologie items.

Till next blog!

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