Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around ... With a New Look

My fascination with people who can turn a piece of clothing into something different will never end.  I already think it's a challenge to look at fabric and get an idea of what to make with it, but then there's an advantage; the designer knows approximately how much fabric is needed to make the design in mind.  

Designers who recycle clothes to make something new are on another playing field altogether.  How many pieces of old clothes will they need, what colours go together, should they dye the clothe,  if there's not enough of one type of fabric or colour, what do they combine it with?  I bet you (because I recycle clothes as well) that the designers don't even know what they're going to make until they have the old clothes in hand.

Here are a few exceptional clothes and accessories that have been made from old clothes:
by Gary Harvey, www.ecostiletto.com

by Goodone, www.treehugger.com
by Piece Lilly Purse Bags & Accessories, http://inhabitat.com
Recycled clothes also are called green fashion and eco-conscious clothes.  It's a nice idea and good for the environment to make old things new again.  Till next blog!

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