Monday, August 8, 2011

I Counted 32 Shades of Blue!!

Last week I discovered over 11 shades of pink.  This week I counted 32 shades of blue from a list I found through Google!!  I was expecting to find about 11 shades of blue, not 32!!  Whoa!  I'm in my element.  Blue is my favorite color.  Blue is a shade that gives an air of coolness, airiness (as in the light blues), royalty (the deep shades).  I'm not going to list all 32 shades of blue I found (should I?), but I'll list 16 of them.

1. Sky blue  2. Baby blue  3. Cobalt  4.  Neon blue  5.  Navy  6.  Azure  blue 7.  Denim blue   8.  Prussian blue  9. Steel blue  10. Aqua 

11.  Cerulean blue:                                                          

Vintage silk scarf top,

12. Brandies blue:                                                  

Slouch bag, Tory Burch,

13. Powder blue:                                                            

Crochet scarf by I Should Koko,

14. Cornflower blue:
Pebble Print flats,

15. Night blue:                                                            

by Donna Karan,

16. Periwinkle blue:
Men;s vintage 80s Guayaber shirt,

Till next blog!

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  1. Blue is one of my favorite colors as well. I am not surprised there are that many shades of blue. Theses shades are very pretty and the person who loves blue is very conservative.