Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eleven Pinks and Counting...

Just for fun yesterday, I looked up pink clothing. And just for fun, I googled the different shades of pink.  I found eleven, 
and I don't think that's all.  It seems that 
brand names work on different shades 
and give them enticing names.  So when a woman buys a magenta pink dress for example, the specific shade name gives the clothing even more enticement.  That's clever.

Bare with me as I name the shades of pink I found:

1.  Carnation pink     2. Salmon Pink    3.  Neon pink (I don't think I'd like that one)
4.  Blush    5. Tamarisk

6.    Persian pink:    


7. Coral:

8.  Rose pink:

by Catherine Malandrino, www.shopstyle.com

 9. Cranberry pink   9.  Magenta   11. Puce pink
(And still more pinks were added to the list)

12.  Cerise:


13.  Fuschia:

 Now, this jacket is said to combine fuschia and hot pink fabrics, so:

14.  Hot pink    (Also I found today)  15.  Light pink

Some of the shades of pink look somewhat similar, but I guess the name depends on the mood of the designers and brandsI may very well do a blog on the different shades of blue as that's my favorite color.  Maybe for next week...

Till next blog!

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