Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspiration: African Designers

We're all hearing about the terrible famine hitting the Horn of Africa, which includes Somalia and parts of Kenya.  It's devastating! I decided to look for Somalian fashion designers (I discovered a pair of twin designers, no, not the Olsen twins...) and got sidetracked looking at wonderful clothing by other African designers.  This post is for Somalia and Kenya.  I'll have to follow up on the Somalian designers next week.

When one views fashion from other countries/continents, there's a whole new and fresh look to fashion.  I've got to post pictures from other countries in the future blogs.

by Oswald Boateng,

by Chichia,

by Nana Boateng,

photo by Damien Meyer,
Keep Africa in your prayers. Till next blog.

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