Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Youngest Fashion Designer

I'm hoping that my teens will pursue starting their own business this summer in the event that they aren't fortunate to land a part-time job.  Doing research on young entrepreneurs on Google, I came across this young wonder.

Cecilia Cassini is a 10 year old fashion designer.  She's the youngest fashion designer in North America according to the press.  When Cecilia was 6 years old, she received a gift of a sewing machine, and has been sewing ever since.  Cecilia mainly teaches herself to design and sew; she's taken a few classes though.  At her first trunk show she sold 50 pieces. She now has her own clothing line and has some of her pieces in a children's boutique in Los Angeles called Tough Cookies.  The Today Show will be featuring Cecilia Cassini this month, so look for the program.  I will be.  This is a fantastic story!
For the young girls interested in accessory, clothing and jewelry design as well as fashion illustration, there is a company called Crafty Couture holding classes in Brampton, Thornhill and Toronto, Ontario.  The classes are for want-to-be designers from the ages of 7 to 17.  There are summer and winter camps.  Summer camps for fashion design start July 5, 2010.  For more information go to www.craftycouture.comI hope to enroll my daughter in this program.  We'll see what happens.

And now to change the subject, I've been looking at men's clothing.  Here are a couple of items I came across that I like.  Men should wear more color this spring and summer.
The green blazer looks to be made of a nylon polyester fabric.   Dark green fabric adds interest on the cap of the sleeves contrasting with the lighter green.  The side panel gives way to a closer fit to the body.  From each back shoulder to the armscythe is a vent.  This design is very millenium.  Two thumbs up!  The white blazer is refreshing and is something I'd love to see more men wearing with contrasting t-shirts or a pale colored shirt.

Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone.  Till next blog!

Cecilia Cassini sewing -
green blazer -
white blazer -

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