Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Blouse and Shoe Designs: Love Them!

I've been surfing the web again looking at the fantastic clothing available to those who have extra cash to shop.  Isn't it funny how we seem to go with the flow, well, a lot of us, regarding the clothing designs for each year?  There are those people who stick to absolute basics and aren't interested in clothing.  I wonder what it's like to not care what one wears at all?  Oh, forgive me, I was like that when my children were young.  My focus was taking care of my kids, 24/7.  Now I have some time to be interested in what I  look like.

I've found some interesting blouses online.These blouses have a lot of interest and style which are attractive.  I did say I'd post something with more color.  The tank is black, but what makes it summery are the aqua beads and the cut.  I think it's cute and can be dressed up or down.  The silk blue, black and pink print blouse is absolutely fantastic, I haven't seen anything like it before, print wise that is. The grey ruffle blouse is very feminine and unusual, light and whimsical.  I'm thinking children's fairytales when I look at it.  I don't know why...

I saw a pair of shoes on for 2010 that absolutely caught my attention.  They were a cut-out design.  And so I found some cut-out design shoes that I like a lot.

I don't know who first designed the cut-out shoe, but usually designers all have the same idea regarding clothes and accessories every season.  I'm not one to pay too much attention to shoes, and I don't care too much for heels, but if I could purchase one of these, I would.  The grey dove shoe ( that's the name of the color) is from the Tracy Reese collection 2008. 

What styles do you like?  Feel free to let me know.   Till next blog! 

grey ruffle blouse  by Wan-nabe -
blue,black and pink print blouse -
black tank with aqua beads -
blue and white shoes by David Dixon -
grey dove shoes by Tracy Reese -
green and black shoes by Miz Mooz -

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