Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantastic Canadian Designers

It's time for me to pay homage to the Canadian fashion designers.  Canada does have a lot of big name fashion designers, and I'll mention three today.

 I love avante garde and bohemian clothing.  It's like wearing art, and if anybody is expressing a point of view and a lifestyle through clothing, the artsy and bohemian woman or man certainly is.  Their lifestyle to me, if the clothes are expressing who they are, seems to be exciting and free and somewhat unpredictable.
If you go to, you'll see the designs of quite a few Canadian fashion designers.  For spring and fall 2010, the clothing designs are futuristic, and if any of you have been following my blog, you know I'm loving the designs!  Marie Saint Pierre is one of those designers, and she's one of my favorite.  Marie, who is from Montreal, Quebec, started her clothing line in 1986 and has received many awards for her work.  Her work is artistic.  If you want to wear art, by all means, purchase one of her pieces.  (The picture above is from her fall and winter line for 2009/10.)  Visit to see more beautiful clothing.

Jeremy Laing is another designer whose work I love.  He learned to sew at age 13 and later studied fashion in Toronto, where he also works.  Jeremy's clothing are based on geometric shapes which evolve into interesting pieces of clothing.  Visit his website:; you won't be disappointed.

I've noticed from the last blog that I've been into black and white clothing.  I must be in a dramatic mood and have been for the last two weeks...

Diane Kroe is a designer who thinks about the woman and her need for versatility.  She's made a dress design that can be worn multiple ways to make it look like you have many dresses .  The dress can be worn as a skirt as well.  Diane created a top than can be worn six different ways; as a wrap, halter top, shrug, jacket, cover up, and a crew neck blouse.  I'm sure there are instructions that come with each piece of clothing.  This is truly creative and functional.  Visit

I'll try and bring a little bit more color to my blog next week.  Till then!

black jacker and dress by Marie Saint Pierre -
black and white geometric dress by Jeremy Laing -
red wrap dress by Diane Kroe -

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