Monday, June 28, 2010

A Dress Made in an Evening

Saturday was a busy day for me.  I altered four pairs of pants for a lady during the day, then the evening was spent making a dress for my daughter to wear to a wedding on Sunday.  The couple is married already and they wanted to renew their vows... that's so nice!!!  I suspect there will be more people I know getting married this year or next year.

Well, my daughter and I spent some time deciding what fabrics to recycle, what new fabrics to add, and the actual design of the dress.  I'm getting good at making clothing from draping and without a pattern, it's kind of liberating.  I enjoy making clothing patterns though, so I won't abandon it, it's just temporarily on hold (until I buy fabric to complete my daughter's 5-piece spring/summer line for this year and I hope it's soon).   Her dress is made of 3 different variations of polyester fabrics in 3 different shades of blue (my favorite color!).

I'm pleased with the dress.  I was so tired from the humidity in my area Saturday evening that I almost gave up on completing the dress and was resigned to letting her find something else to wear, but since she was pleased with how the dress was going to look while I was draping, I pushed on.  What we mothers' do for our children!!! Lol...  I've had a bit of a taste of what it's like to design and sew in limited time like the Project Runway contestants.

Also, here is the picture of the blouse I made from a scarf my friend gave me.  Yes, she knew I was going to turn it into something else...

What do you think of the sleeves?  Their quite interesting...  The blouse was for myself, but I needed more fabric to lengthen the blouse.  I'll have to make about two of these for myself with the proper amount of fabric.  

Till next blog!

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