Saturday, June 12, 2010

Past and Future Face Off!

I love the intricacy of women's clothing from the past, the amount of work that must have been put into many gowns and suits, and the impression of a romantic era.  I love the unusual silouettes of future clothing with avante garde touches that gives visions of cars flying in the air like airplanes and super tall buildings (trying to reach Mars I guess).  Guess what?  The past and future have a face off this week!

The clothing from the past are from around the year 1909.  The clothing that won't be worn for some time (two of them anyway) were designed in 2009.  Clothing with 100 years seperation.  Ready, set, go!             by Roberto Cavalli           

                                                                          by Haider Ackermann 

 Donna Karan
                                 by Barbara Bui

Who won?  Or is it a tie?  You're free to let me know.  Till next blog!


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