Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stylish Clothes for the Junior Miss

We see the same "uniform" on certain groups of people.  For instance, new mothers' live in sweats and t-shirts.  Business people wear dark suits.  The blue collar set wear jeans and shirts.  So when I see someone on the street  wearing something unusual and stylish, I silently give them kudos for experimenting and making my day.

I tried to get my daughter to wear designs I made especially for her.  She'd wear them a couple times, but, as is the teens' habit, she wants to wear what her friends are wearing.  The fitted t-shirt, denim jeans and the hoodie.  The next day is: another fitted t-shirt, another denim jean, and, another hoodie.  Guess what she's wearing the third day?  Mmmmmhmmm.... (well, my son wears the same things, but why is it that we women focus more on girls getting dressed up than on boys?)

I guess the opportunity to get the junior miss to wear something different is to church, to a birthday party for a relative (an older relative), to a wedding, you get the picture.  Some of the styles I'd like to see on some young ladies once in a while are:

The teens have their "uniform", but there are the few who love to dress to stand out.  Teens have to be teens after all.  But I will continue to look for the junior miss whose fashion sense stands out in the crowd and silently give thumbs up...

Till next blog!

grey ruffle blouse -
grey long skirt by Xhilaration -
blue flip flops by Propet Coral -
blue ruffle shirt -
taupe tiered skirt by Byer -
beige sandles by Privo Ranford - www 

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