Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sarah and Soccer (No Connection)

The fashion world is flooded with designers.  I've been thinking off and on about all the movie stars, t.v. stars and singers designing and selling clothing to the public.  They have an added advantage; people know their names already and they most likely have a following of fans, and so they have customers just waiting to buy their goods.  

One of these designers I admire is Sarah Jessica Parker.  She is a woman who believes that everyone should be able to buy stylish clothing at affordable prices.  Sarah worked with Steve & Barry's (a sportswear retailer) to design and make clothing, under the label Bitten, for under $40 retail (Wow! I read that the starting retail price was $20 and under!).  Steve & Barry's is now out of business and so is Bitten.  I'm sorry about this.  The clothing were stylish and current.
                    Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker                  Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker
Now, how many of you are watching Fifa World Cup soccer games?  I'm enjoying this time where most of the world is united watching a favorite sport and rooting for their country.  Unfortunately, Canada doesn't seem to have a national soccer team so we are left out, but I'm hoping on the United States, English, or Jamaican soccer teams to make it.  I have a few more favorite soccer teams as well.  I guess you know that I'm posting pictures of the soccer jerseys.  I couldn't let this opportunity slip by.  I'm loving the colors.  

It will be a bit sad when Fifa is over.  Life has to go on

Till next blog!

Jamaican soccer jersey -
 US soccer jersey -
English soccer jersey - 


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