Sunday, September 5, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Ladies' Suits

This month of September is hat month (which I found out accidentally last September).  I was surfing the net to find unique hats and was sidetracked when I found a website containing elaborate hats and beautiful ladies' suits.  Well, the suits do have matching hats, so I fulfilled my purpose today (but I'll fully focus on hats the end of this week).  These suits I typically see worn by women attending certain denomination churches.  They could also be worn for Easter, I guess, and weddings.  Do you think that these suits, minus the hats, could ever be worn for business purposes?   I'm still thinking about that one....

by Terramina,

by Lynda Couture,

by Champagne Italy,
by Night Studio,

by Night Studio,

All these beautiful suits were found on the Make Me Over Fashions and Designs website which is  I can see the pink, the "fourth of July" (it could be if white was included) and the solid purple suits being worn in a business office.   Why shouldn't color be connected to professionalism?  Isn't it time for change?  Lol....  Don't wear the hat to the office, though...

Take notice of the hats.  Big, elaborate, and attention-grabbing.  And here is one more hat to get you ready for hat month. 

                                       by Esclusive Hand Beaded Church Hats

Sooooo pretty!  Till next blog!

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