Saturday, September 18, 2010

SK Clothes Styling for Fall 2010

I was impatient to do another video for SK Clothes because I'm still in the middle of sewing my daughter's line (yes, the summer line, but I already have a vision of how the summer pieces can be translated into fall pieces).  I had just bought the fabric in late August, but I found the exact fabric colors she wanted for her designs, and I bought them all on sale too!  It dawned on me to become a fashion stylist for a few hours yesterday and use SK Clothes designs with clothing from my daughter and my closets to make fresh fall looks for the junior miss age group.

We had fun, and, of course, my daughter was the model.  She took it up a few  notches with her poses for the camera.  

                          Cowl top by SK Clothes                          Fuschia dress by SK Clothes

                                              Mushroom sleeve sweater by SK Clothes

There are more fantastic outfits on the video.

I hope you've enjoyed the video.  If you can tell me three clothing pieces from the video that are SK Clothes designs,  you could win a glass bead necklace by RayB for SK Clothes.  Till next blog!

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