Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010, A New Beginning!

Happy New Year!  2010 is here!  The beginning of the year holds promise because it's a beginning.  We all want to start afresh, fix mistakes we've made, lose weight, get a new job, renew that broken relationship in our lives, go back to school, etc.  I'd like to lose weight(again), show more of my designs on my blog, move my business forward by selling my clothes to boutiques and stores, meet more people with years of business experience, and of course, help others . There's more on my list, but it would take some time to name them all.

I took my teens and their friend and my mother to a New Year's Eve concert at a church.  We had a fantastic time!  What did I wear?  Not a dress, as I would have liked, but black pants, dress boots, a burgundy jacket and a lilac t-shirt.  Yes, lilac and burgundy!  It didn't look too bad....  I didn't even watch what the women were wearing, well, I did see a fantastic 3/4 length coat with an alternating black and silver diamond print.  Couldn't get more detail; I just saw the back of the lady and the coat.

 In reference to my previous blog Choose Your Dress, I would choose the brown dress to go to a concert, and I would choose the print dress with the black cloth waist tie to dinner at a friend's home.  Out of all four dresses, I think my favorite is the brown dress.  I love the length, the 3/4 sleeve with ruffles at the cuff, and the neckline.  Of course, I may choose a new favorite dress next week.  Depends on one's mood.  Here is another dress I would love to wear:

As I was surfing the web, I came across a gorgeous wedding gown.  It is strapless and the skirt of the gown is beautifully draped diagonally.  The bodice from the neckline to the hips is rouched.  I have to say that it's time for wedding gowns with straps and sleeves to be promoted.  We've been over run by the strapless gown a bit too much.  I 
like to see variety. 
My friend Paulina has a clothing business called La Couturier.  She designs and sews custom made clothing for customers such as dresses, jackets, suits, pants, and gowns for weddings and special occasions.  You name it, she makes it.  Check her promotion video (it's a casual video) on Youtube. 

Till next blog!

Christmas cactus flower:  by cygnus921
Brown and black print dress:  by New French Connection
Wedding dress: by Angelina Faccenda

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