Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love the Tops for Spring 2010

Are you ready for spring?  I definately am.   I'm a spring and fall girl.  Too bad spring didn't last for four months instead of three...  I love to think ahead of time what I'll be wearing once the snow melts.

 Blouses are one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  Actually, I think it's my favorite piece.  While researching the women's tops for spring 2010, I found that the styles haven't changed too much from blouse styles for spring 2009.  Why change a good thing?  Many top designers are bringing 2009 blouse styling  into 2010.

What's the forecast for women's tops for spring 2010?  Well, any blouse that makes a lady look like a lady.   When shopping, look for ruffles in a shirt or blouse.  Office shirts are less tailored,  giving the shirts femininity.  Tunics and tunic style blouses, one of my favorite styles, are definately a must.  Colors in 2010 tops are not limited.  Look for lots of colors, whites,  neutrals, as well as floral and other prints.

Lole Sympatic,

 Newport News,   
I can't wait to shop and make a few of these blouses for myself.   Till next blog!  

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