Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Shirt from Old

One of my bohemian blouses I made about three years ago was made from a peasant skirt someone gave me for a Christmas gift.  I appreciate the gift, but the very volumous skirt made me look larger than I am already, so I didn't wear if often.  Instead of giving it away, it came to me to recreate it into something I would wear since the skirt had so much fabric.  This was the start of my recycling fabric.

It's fun to change a piece of clothing into something else.  It's also an inexpensive way to get a new wardrobe, if you're handy at sewing.  It's also a way of participating in the green movement.

This past week I completed two of a few projects I'm working on, one, an original women's shirt, and two, the second attempt at making my daughter's "sweety" bag design with improvements.

 The shirt was made from two men's large shirts.  One, the brown stripe, made the torso and sleeves of the shirt.  The peach striped shirt made the braided collar, the yolk at the shoulders, and the pleated cuffs with braid detail.

 The "Sweety" bag was made from my old brown jacket I had sewn years ago and a paisley print silk shirt.  It's lined with the paisley silk as well.  It's quite attractive!

I'll be talking more about used clothing being re-invented by local fashion designers in future blogs.  If something is cost effective, I'm definately in approval.
Till next blog!

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