Saturday, January 9, 2010

Unusual Inspiration for Dress Design

Last December, I had lacked inspiration.  I was wondering what would inspire me to make new designs.  Guess what?  I was watching bits of football games on television near the end of December, and very impressed with the color combinations used for the football teams uniforms: sky blue and navy blue, black and gold, blue and yellow, cherry red, white and black.    I didn't seem to notice last year. 

I know I wouldn't wear certain color combinations myself.  I started to wonder how to combine certain colors in a flattering way in dresses and blouses for women that even I would wear myself.   Based on the  color combinations mentioned as well as others, I sketched some dress designs for 2010.   For instance, this football team's uniform colors (Washington football team)

 turned into this:  

                                                SK Clothes  
Hopefully I haven't offended any men, if any read my blog.   The colors are what inspired me.  I respect the sport of football.  

I encourage you to let inspiration make your 2010 fantastic.

Till next blog!

 line sketch: SK Clothes

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