Friday, April 23, 2010

Endless Creativity...

My body may be tired from going through a mini "bootcamp" lastnight, thanks to my daughter, but my imagination and creativity has been going for a couple of weeks and not tiring yet.  My daughter decided to put me through what she has to go through in Phys Ed class every now and then.  Beep test.  Constantly moving, running, burpies, push-ups, lunges, for 10 to 20 minutes.  I was practically on the floor when I was done.  Prior to that, I had a fantastic idea for a dress and I'm looking forward to working on it and my tank top designs either tomorrow or Monday.  Hope to post pictures of them next week.

Well, I was looking at designer dresses yesterday online.  There's no end to the creativity regarding clothing designs.  Caroline Herrera has some fantastic dresses for her fall 2009 collection.   Sheer fabrics and ruffles really make an outfit absolutley feminine and ethereal.

Tracy Reese is a fashion designer I love.  Color must be the first thing that inspires her designs.  She usually uses unusual combinations of colors in her clothing that make the pieces fresh and unique, and the combinations work! These two pieces are from Tracy Reese's spring 2009 collection.

 Revolve Clothing Company is a Canadian clothing business based in Toronto.  Revolve uses eco-friendly fabrics to make tops and dresses for women.  The designs combine clean lines and stylish silhouettes.  To view the designs, go to
I was looking at my fashion business notes earlier and came across the names of the Project Runway season 1 contestants.  The name I focused on was Daniel Franco.  He was the first to be cut from the show.  Daniel came back for season 2 and I was rooting for him.  He didn't make the final three contestants to show his collection, but he was on the show long enough to prove he's a good designer and a gentleman.  I looked at Daniel's website,, and I love the projects he's working on currently.  You should visit Daniel's site to see what he's done and doing.

Till next blog!

Black ruffle gown by Caroline Herrera-
Black jacker over ruffle gown by Caroline Herrera -
Red blouse, plaid skirt by Tracy Reese -
Red and black print dress by Tracy Reese -
Brown and yellow trim dress -

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