Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sew, Sew, Sew!

Another weekend is here.  Can't believe it!  It seems like I was just watching Project Runway a few days ago.(It's on Saturday nights in the Toronto/GTA area.  That's in Ontario Canada for non-Canadians...)

I'm still working on a couple of New Year's resolutions.  One was to excercise more, and one was to post more pictures of my work.  Well, I'm doing those.  I feel accomplished!

I've completed a few projects this week.  I've made two samples of my daughter's blouse design, part of her 5 piece spring and summer mini line of clothing.  One blouse is sleeveless, and the other has big puff sleeves.  There's a drawstring hem thing going on with me.  I like them.   I haven't started making patterns for my mini line as yet.  I was coming home one afternoon from helping my friend prepare for her fashion show, and I had a sudden inspiration of what my fall and winter 5 piece line would be.  I may skip my spring and summer line and work on fall/winter!  What I would be designing is futuristic, millenium, whatever word you want to call 21st century clothes.

This pink bag I love, but when I tested it's function, it didn't pass the test!  What do I have to do now?  I'll have to stiffen the clothe bag more with more interfacing and lengthen the flap closure.  A weightier fabric would do the trick.  Haven't given up yet.  The style is so pretty.  This is bag number 5! 

I found a blue t-shirt in my storage room and was just looking at it wondering what to do with it.  Started cutting the sleeves off Thursday night.  Transpired into this on Friday.  Love it!  The design is absolutely organic.  It also has a drawstring hem.  I like the flower detailing.  I'm going to make more in different sizes. 

Till next blog!

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